A Road to Honesty

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I decided to share the story I wrote for those who did not get the book which became a best-seller with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Suzann Rye, and 40 or so others around the world. The book was called Wake Up Live The Life You Love (Living in Clarity) If you click on the book [...]

I decided to share the story I wrote for those who did not get the book which became a best-seller with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Suzann Rye, and 40 or so others around the world.

The book was called Wake Up Live The Life You Love (Living in Clarity)

If you click on the book cover, you’ll be able to read the writing on it, you can use your computer magnifying glass to increase the font.

My story lacks finesse, good writing skills and oh my, so much more.

But the essence and the message is a simple one.

What is it you want in life?

What is stopping you from getting it?

No matter what the challenges are, deal with them as they come to you one day at a time. It’s nearly impossible to know what’s going to happen tomorrow, even thought you might think you know. There are way too many variables for that. And staying open minded is a must. Enjoy!

My Story – A Road to Honesty – 2008

It happened in 1991, when my divorce sneaked up on me.  Believing I was a good husband, father, great worker, hockey coach, and a business owner, life was fabulous!  When it faced me, it flashed back all my mistakes.

I had been sober for 9 years.  I was in control, responsible and mature.  Everything was going well… or so I believed.  In those nine years of sobriety, I occasionally smoked marijuana to compensate my abstention from alcohol.  I thought nothing of it as I smoked on weekends and at night, once my children were asleep. It never occurred to me that marijuana would impair my ability to respond if a crisis happened.

Thinking I had reached a degree of maturity and convinced that I had won the battle with alcohol, I took the decision to try drinking again and announced it to my wife.  She warned me that she would leave me if I went down this path again. At age 31, I did not take this seriously and felt we were a happy family.  My deep desire to get rid of the nagging thought in my head did not want to go away.   So I drank sociably for about 1 year and made a promise to my wife that if I ever got drunk one time, I would quit for life. 

It was at a Christmas party that I drank all night.  I woke up the next day and when I opened my eyes, I did not know where I was or how I got there.  Shortly after, I realized I was in my own bed. At that moment, I took the decision to honor my promise to quit for life. To this day, I am sober.  Unfortunately, my wife’s level of confidence in me had dropped.  She fell out of love for me as she explained and asked for a divorce.  Thereafter, she did not want to grant me joint custody as she was afraid I would continue drugs and alcohol.  In her mind, she did not believe I could conquer my addictions and she was convinced that I was not a fit father. This news crushed me and I felt completely devastated.  Many evenings, I was in deep pain crying myself to sleep; my gut in knots, my head spinning with confusion, contemplating suicide.  Then, my employer closed their doors. I was soon jobless. On one hand, I felt that I had finally conquered my addictions, but on the other hand, I lost my wife and sons.  What a paradox!

I felt my last resort was my true connection with God.  I needed to draw strength and hope from somewhere.  I thank my mom and dad for instilling this belief when I was younger and it allowed me to reach out to that higher power.  I recognized the impact of my actions on my family and asked for forgiveness.  From that moment on, I felt alive again.  I deeply loved my sons and made every attempt to spend as much time with them, while respecting my visiting rights. The hard part was to agree on a mutual time that could work for everyone as we were in different towns with an 8 hour commute.  Sometimes, a month went by before I could see them. When I did, I was so happy and yet, felt a big void in my heart. I would always cry as I drove back home without my boys.

To ease my pain and deception and to fulfill my spare time in a positive way, I got involved in all kinds of interesting jobs.  I sold sporting cloths, a product via TV commercials, bought and sold cars.  Since I was a jack of all trades and loved doing renovations, I flipped a house and made profit.  I eventually got the exclusive rights to a game for Quebec and Ontario, Canada.  Joining the Chamber of Commerce gave me an opportunity to meet new friends and do some networking.  My involvement in these activities was more aligned with who I was as a person.

This took me to a Tony Robbins seminar in Calgary, Alberta.  Tony introduced a short saying: “You are what you think about all day long” and that became my wake-up call.  I have always loved short versus with a high impact.  I began applying this concept to attract my dreams. Instead of listening to these negative internal voices and thoughts, I started asking quality questions.  For example: What are my deep feelings saying about my needs and interests?  What book can I read to learn the right knowledge? Who can I talk to in bettering my situation whether personal or professional? 

As my faith grew, I decided to talk with God and asked Him in a letter to guide me in meeting my future life partner. Guess what?  I remarried and have been very happy going on 15 years.  Christian values and compatibility allows for growing in love together.  Wow!  I am blown away of how this continues to manifested itself. At work, I always encouraged people to speak the truth in order to help them resolve their issues.

Joining Toastmasters International allowed me to enhance my confidence in delivering presentations I got elected as Union President and then became a facilitator, teaching anti-harassment courses to members and management.  One of my callings was to help employees and management work out their differences through open and honest dialogs.  I soon found out many work related problems, were linked to personal problems.  While representing employees, I needed to get my files and notes organized.  That’s where I learned to type and as I was preparing and editing my notes, I soon realized that I really enjoyed writing.   For several years, I have been writing notes which led me to recently start writing my own eBook. http://liberatingyou.com/thinking-is-everything-ebook/

My interests developed in helping friends and colleagues in understanding family difficulties as well.  My mission became clearer: to help those who wanted guidance and I became an avid reader in human psychology.  I really got the bug for continuous learning and furthering my education in attending all kinds of seminars.  I became more enthusiastic and proud of my accomplishments in helping others.  Since I am connected spiritually, today I am more in touch with my feelings, needs, emotions and aspirations: I LIVE THE LIFE I LOVE. What about you? I leave you with the following quotations from the Bible and some gems from writers.

Romans12:1-2: “If you will transform your thinking, God will transform your life”.

Deuteronomy 30:19: “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses, positive and negative.  Therefore, God says: “Choose life”.

“No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made, destiny is made known silently” by Agnes De-Mille, American Dancer and Choreographer.

“Love cures people, both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it” by Karl A. Menninger, American psychiatrist.

In closing, here is an opportunity: “What if you decided to be honest …to speak the truth for the very first time.”

- Roger N. Quevillon, Spiritual Life Coach

Copyright 2008

A simple story huh!

All of the above my fault, no if”s and or but’s.

Were there curves in the road? Of course, lots of them, mostly it was the way I thought (my thinking habits and beliefs) were the culprits.

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Why? to much bad stuff out there, so I listen to empowering affirmations for protection.

Anyways, I really hope this will inspire some of you, who have goals and dreams in life to pursue them with passion and continual expectancy.

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