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IT IS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING RESEARCH And it will make you think twice about injecting  CHEMO or RADIATION in your body! You will see in one portion of the DVD which explains you can live longer without chemo or radiation, You be the judge. I Am a firm BELIEVER in educating ourselves on what options are [...]


And it will make you think twice about injecting  CHEMO or RADIATION in your body!

You will see in one portion of the DVD which explains you can live longer without chemo or radiation, You be the judge.

I Am a firm BELIEVER in educating ourselves on what options are out there in case a loved one or yourself fall victim to cancer and think there are no other options out there except chemo and radiation.

I assure you 100% :) Natural options are available.

I’ve done some research to help those who really believe you can CURE cancer with proper diet and eating habits.

They have books and DVD’S that will open your eyes towards healing the body.

As a Metaphysical Practitioner, my studies show that cancer or any (dis-eases) are messages for us to go deep inside and explore why it is happening to us.

It’s like hitting a wall in life and thinking this is the end, all this time, the wall is really a MIRROR to discover new answers about ourselves. The hard part is admitting we all have weaknesses. The trick now is opening our hearts and accepting and living in unconditional Love, in the moment so to speak. 

We must become a great listener at this stage of our life, as this is a crucial stage in changing our habits and behaviours which seem to have brought us to why we hit the wall in the first place.

(You all know this by now – if you keep doing the exact same thing over and over again, you cannot expect change).

We are quick to judge people around us and OFTEN forgetting to take the log out of our own eye.

I definitely kick myself often enough when I start doing this, and I’m working ON improving this ASAP.

I find that many people serve and serve and serve others, forgetting to take care of themselves and eventually fall into sickness while serving. They often expect those who they serve to serve them back. Universal Law I believe, does not work in this fashion, serving others should be done with no expectation who they’ve served in the past will serve them back.

For me, a Higher Power is watching and will provide me with all of my need. Only if the wall I hit becomes a MIRROR to me and I then open my heart to start a fresh new path in life discovering the real me.

Just maybe – the DIS-EASE in your life, will become the MIRROR.

If you are not open to this idea, that is quite alright but for those who are open minded, I invite you to Educate yourself now, today, not when your back is against the wall and cancer happens to you, this way you will be well informed and your choice will be simple and not stressful.

We all have an opinion, but one should never destroy someone seeking natural healing, so let them explore their options. There is way to much documentation proving this exist. I only have one questions for you – If a friend or loved one was given the diagnosis of terminal cancer or illness will you do nothing?  OK! then, let’s move on for those who want to help others.

I know one thing for sure, we pretty much all know someone who has cancer and when it hit them, many did not know where to turn to and whether NATURAL HEALING OPTIONS EXIST out there. How many times I’ve heard stories of doctor’s diagnose a patient with terminal cancer and there’s nothing they can do, but many never give patients a list of other natural options, they send you home saying you are going to die.

Woe! horsey, I’m not sure who gave them the God status, but that’s not in my books anyways.

(And not all doctor’s are bad, there are more and more everyday giving natural  healing options to there patients, Bravo!

And you will find many doctors that have natural healing clinics in the book)

I encourage you to read up on those options, or else you will end up choosing radiation and chemo treatment.

I guarantee you, if you read just one of the books and watch one of the DVD’s they have in the link I am providing you with, it will definitely open your eyes.

And, it won’t be a total shock as to what choice you will take, if ever the diagnosis of cancer hits you or a member of your  family.

Here’s a few testimonials with incredible results, the rest is up to you and it’s way more then just cancer, go see for yourself.

“I am now 6 months beyond my dead-by-date, NSCLC (lung cancer). You will be pleased to know your diet is working. Latest X-ray shows the cancer to have ‘dissolved quite a bit’ (oncologist’s words). I am a ‘mystery’ to most people at the hospital as they do not understand why the cancer is going away.” – Malcolm Willet

“May 31, 2010: 3 weeks ago I had a tumor removed from the left side of my face, and two from my neck, and the surgeon also took the lymph system from my neck and the SCM muscle and the superficial parotid (salivary gland).
  “Two weeks ago, following ultrasound scans that revealed small tumors on my liver, the oncologist told me that there is nothing that modern medical science can do to significantly alter the survival probability curve.
  “After that, I adopted the Diet.

“My acne (a twenty year problem) went away once I started following the diet!” – Donna Leone

“January 18, 2011: Yesterday I went for an appointment with the surgeon who had operated on my temple, neck and jaw. He could find no further trace of cancer. Thank you. Without your efforts and research I would most likely have been dead by now. Instead, I am now looking forward to a long life with vastly increased confidence over 8 months ago. The research you did in Healing Cancer From Inside Out book and DVD is what made the difference for me. It allowed the rational part of my mind to align with the intuitive and have me stick to it. The support of my wife Ailsa has also been a major part of my success.” – Ted Howard

“As a medical doctor, I have to say that your book and DVD are simply amazing!” – Connie Godenick, M.D.

What viewers are saying about the films

“I spent nearly 20 years in television and radio as a news anchor, but never in my entire professional career have I witnessed anything like ‘Eating’. I am still dizzy, still shaking, still stunned, unable to digest what I saw and felt. What you have shown about the food industry really amounts to crimes against humanity. Without a doubt, this is the most powerful and disturbing video that I have ever seen; it is a magnificent piece of journalism, worthy of a Nobel Prize because you have rendered a great service to mankind.”

“Your film is a beacon in the darkness of illness.”

P.S. Here’s my 2 cents worth. Many of you know me by now and understand why I share this type of exceptional information. I simply want to add – if you focus on something you don’t really want – guess what you will attract? Of course negative events correct? And it won’t be the information to help you heal.

Think about it for 1 second :(

You will be sending out a vibration that is negative in nature. You guessed it! meaning your dis-ease normally gets worse as your thinking is off track correct? And this happens when you first get the diagnosis from a doctor. So the book or the DVD will help  you focus on the cure. Now that’s way better right?

What if I say to you, I love you, peace be with you, wellness, I appreciate you, you’re awesome, you’re so intelligent,  fantastic, you’re beautiful, you’re handsome and on and on and on. Tell me what does this do to you when you hear this? I hope you said great. Yes, I felt great when I heard those words.

OK, Now what if I said, I hate you, hope you rot in hell, sickness, you’re a pain, you’re so dumb, you’re ugly and you get the message right. What does that do to your energy? I hope you get the message.

Remember, your feelings = your vibrations, meaning if you feel down, discouraged, there’s no way out, ect…you will be vibrating negative energy and this will not help, but as soon as you return your focus on the cure, this will be way better vibration and the healing will start. No easy tasks when you’re not use to thinking this way, but I assure you once you read the testimonials you will be stunned.

Question for you.

Will you let your child, sister or Mom, Dad, best friend just die without a fight? Of course you wouldn’t.

Now what if I convince you, oops! wait a minute now, what if people who have cured their cancers, diabetes, acne, high blood pressure, heart disease, ect…ect…ect… I am trying to convince you that these healing testimonials will shift your way of thinking of what is out there to help you heal your body.

At the very least, go to the navigation bar and click on Product info – then click on Rave Reviews and read the testimonials.

This is a book everyone should read – if you’re a DVD fan, then watch the incredible well documented film. It will either change your life or change your habits. Cancer is serious business but not for the right reasons I found out.

Before I send you to the site – Please take 1 minute to Watch Why This Doctor Refuses to Support Cancer Charities 

Sorry to say I do not donate anymore to the cancer society, but better yet I share the New Generation of Nutritional Wellness.

So I invite you to click on this link to go check out the rest of the reviews and testimonials, the books and DVD’S


Roger N. Quevillon, M.Msc.

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