The Key, (your subconscious mind) controls me, you and everybody else, no, if’s and or buts. Think of it as your Past memories. When dis-ease overtakes our body, in Metaphysical terms, this means the body is trying to communicate with you. It’s trying to give you a loud and clear message that you’re thinking habits, [...]

The Key, (your subconscious mind) controls me, you and everybody else, no, if’s and or buts. Think of it as your Past memories.

When dis-ease overtakes our body, in Metaphysical terms, this means the body is trying to communicate with you. It’s trying to give you a loud and clear message that you’re thinking habits, although unconscious maybe, are not in harmony at all with what you are living on an emotional, mental, spiritual and nutritional level. And at the same time your dis-ease is telling you to change your beliefs. Why?  Because it has reached a breaking point on a psychological and physical level.

It was Carl Jung who once said, “In the same way that the conscious and unconscious are in constant interaction, the body and the mind are in constant interaction”.

Many think God or a Higher Power controls us, although I believe in a Higher Power if you will, I’ve come to this conclusion; he’s given us free will to choose and do what we desire to do. He’s given us everything we need to do it within us. You might want to ask this difficult but ultra-important question: Could my illness be a gift to “me” to finally finding purpose, peace and balance in my life? Example: Am I in the right marriage, working at a right job, being selfish or angry, not speaking my mind when I should, emotional eating my way to illness, never accepting help from others (I’ll do it on my own) , you know what I mean?

You see, your subconscious mind hates change and prefers to keep you repeating the same old patterns and habits over and over again. This is why so many of us have such difficulty making changes, so one good way to beat the brain guy at his own game is… de-program or reprogram new and empowering thoughts, by choosing awesome affirmations, self-talk to yourself, try new things, go beyond the fear and keep at it. Change happens, if you want it to happen, it’s OK if it takes years, its way better in the long run than to stay stagnant, don’t you think? Affirmations always work, but many don’t believe this for one second. Here’s what happens most often, we have a tendency after a few weeks to say, (see, I told you affirmations don’t work).

Remember this quote you read a while back: A woman asked me recently, “What are the Blocks to my Happiness?” Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “The Belief that you have Blocks”

You have blocks, because the thoughts you are thinking are creating these blocks. Think about this for a minute. We talk all the time, whether being at your workplace, in your head, or wherever. OK then, so you use words all the time right? How’s your life going so far? Great or not so great? One important detail you should be aware of, if you’re not ready and do not believe this will work for you – you’re right, it will not work. If you open your mind to the idea affirmations work, you’re well on your way towards achieving healing or any desired goal. It’s really up to YOU! Although I must say, if you have the slightest of feeling you are ready to heal, then start ASAP. I often hear people say, Ah! Crap, I should’ve done this 10 years ago. Again, what do you desire and start today?

OK, listen to these words – I hate you – you’re dumb, you’re ugly, you’re fat, you’re stupid, and so forth. How does that sound and make you feel? Ouch! That’s painful, do you agree? Let’s try this instead: I Love you, you’re beautiful, you’re intelligent and you look radiant. How does that sound? Empowering right? Way better, and how does it make you FEEL? You see how WORDS are powerful! They affect our feelings, and that affects our health, our wealth, our creativity, our self-confidence, our relationship, on and on.

You have but one life to live on earth that I know of, and wouldn’t it be awesome to finally heal your body, find your purpose or direction, your passion. What do you think? Are you willing to give it a GO! Kudos to you! Now walk away from TV for a while, start discovering why you are here, and take a few steps towards this fascinating journey you were chosen to be on.

Well, I really hope you’ve gained a little bit of insight by this short read and may your dreams and wishes be fulfilled. My wish for you is healing, in whatever format you choose.

Start with your foundation, just like building a house, then you’re rock solid. Affirmations are among the most powerful instruments given to us to “Master our Desires”. We tend to avoid simplicity; I hope you want it simple? All wishes can be realized when you believe, just keep believing OK. You will see as time moves on, and repeated listening is done, new daily routines sets in, thus bringing the wish more and more within reach. “Wishes make us feel alive”. Just keep improving and use affirmations on a daily basis, like brushing your teeth. Affirmations which are consciously chosen by you and continuously repeated or listened too for a certain amount of time, are expression of wishes. Stay on course; if you choose to use affirmations in your own life, I think you’ll have made a wise decision. If your Conscious mind wants one thing and your Subconscious mind wants something else…Your subconscious will always win!  The question then becomes…

How is it possible to influence your subconscious mind? 

As you recall, the NASA experiment – it’s a scientifically proven fact that our subconscious needs a maximum of 21 days to absorb a thought and to save it in the subconscious (our memory bank). In my past experiences, depending where I was at the time, my age or my personal circumstances and how I was feeling at the time, affirmations helped me materialize instantaneously, within a couple of days, a few weeks or months and of course bigger desires took years, like my house below, in which I had done a weekend workshop and had posted a similar house picture for everyone to see my desired goal.

I also know I would rather CHOOSE to listen to something that will make me grow, than listen to music or programs with words which influence me in the wrong direction on an unconscious level, meaning you’re not even aware they are influencing you.

At 22 years of age I found the answer to eliminating many of my fears.

What I had not realized back then…what I really had in my hands nor should I say in my ears changing my unconscious beliefs and habits in the mind. It was a key to untold clarity in removing obstacles from my past. I’m 54 years of age now and these affirmations I had purchased back in 1992 had a profound effect on me. It took me 30 some years to understand why I had such a well balanced life. Why did it take me so long to link…the subliminal cassettes I had bought, helped me so much? Life goes on right, things to do, place’s to go, young at heart, not paying attention so much! I was also raised in a loving family; even so …I had insecurities. Here’s the very best part of all of this.

Super Important note here:

What’s the most precious thing we all want more of? ” Time” we all wish we had more time on our hands to accomplish dreams, build things, write that book, lose weight, be more confident, be smarter, the list is endless really. Well, what if I told you, you sleep almost one third of your life away.

This is where I took advantage of listening to my audios while ibeautiful was sleeping, OK,OK, i think I’m beautiful even without the hair… to help me change my limiting beliefs, GENIUS idea :) When you think of it, I don’t even have to pay any attention to what I’m listening too, as the subconscious mind works 24/7. Ha! found a way to take advantage of what I called re-coop time.

It’s really the most easiest, Organic nutritional way towards CHANGE. Most of us Love to listen to music, so why not SLEEP ON IT.

Was it worth the wait in attaining my dream and desires in life even if it took a long time? You bet it was, I took it as a journey. You’ve listen to music with words a good part of your life I bet, say 20, 30 40, 50, 60 years or so, and was it beneficial in attaining your desires? (Yes, no, maybe so) Now, why not choose affirmations that will guide you, heal you, and speak to you? Ask yourself the tough questions and decide you finally want to win this game.

We live in a time where wishes are materializing so much faster simply because we know so much more than our parents or grand-parents. Strap a GoPro cameras above your head all day long and really see why you have what you have, go undercover, and discover who you are.

“The genetic causation of disease is not only false; it was cleverly crafted to steal your personal power and desire to self-regulate. The theft of the invisible, through the spoken or written word, is the basis of what occultists call word magic. When words or ideas make you think less of yourself and dis-empower your ability to think or act logically, it’s referred to as black word magic or simply black magic. Genetic disease causation states that you could eat 12 donuts for breakfast or organic salad….and you’ll get the same disease…..because it’s your genes that make you sick and not how you treat yourself. Word magic, invented to extract personal power from the population, See the word magic. Defend yourself from theft of the invisible. Keep your power.” Jason Christoff

Blessings to you all and thanks for sharing,

P.S. Did you even know, when you share from your heart, you are helping yourself attain what you want and desire in life. As Wishing well on anyone, is wishing well on YOU. Never hesitate to share something that has helped you, it will come back to you in due time.

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