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Reflection before we start… Could this even be possible? A “Medicine-less” World! I’m  asking you to SHARE this audio as a gift to a loved one, a friend in need, a sick friend, someone you don’t even know, the gift of soothing healing words…cancer patients – people waiting for hospital chemo sessions – anyone who [...]

Reflection before we start… Could this even be possible?

A “Medicine-less” World!

I’m  asking you to SHARE this audio as a gift to a loved one, a friend in need, a sick friend, someone you don’t even know, the gift of soothing healing wordscancer patients – people waiting for hospital chemo sessions – anyone who needs inspiration toward healing for any sickness. 

It’s a great way to gain spiritual awareness towards healing.

And guess what?  You could be saving a life just for sharing or giving it away yourself, buy them an mp3 player to go with it. Walmart had great prices on small units, under $19.00.

You’ll be giving the greatest gift when someone is left alone in a room with no one around.

The words within the audio will keep them company and encourage them to see the possibility of wellness they could attain. Let them decide.

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Time to Pay it Forward

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This recording has binaural beats.

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Did you know this extremely important fact on disease?

The United States Federal Government, the Centres for Disease Control says on their website that “90 percent of all illness and disease is related to STRESS”.

This should be a loud and clear message for us – we have what it takes to heal within. Metaphysics has taught people to heal for a very long time. This book will also pertain to other dimensions of your life, like being a creative person, finding your purpose, where do I even start, decision making, and more.

Why do people get sick? What caused your stress in the first place? How can you heal your body, emotional traumas and inside hurts? If any of these questions resonate with you, then let’s start this fascinating journey together and discover what can be done to heal. It might even pertain to attracting your true purpose in life.

While listening to this mp3, I invite you to read this e book, which will explain everything and why you can start SELF-HEALING YOUR OWN BODY. You’ll find my story about alcohol and drug stupidity, what I did to get out of it, gain incredible insight on why we self-sabotage our dreams, desires, and goals. You’ll also find links to videos and other articles that will open your mind towards healing. The steps and No. 1 reason why it is so difficult to change, and the Key towards permanent and effective change.

How did I get to become a writer, when I believed for decades I was dumb, an alcoholic and silly? OK, stupid is the real word I’m looking for, although that sounds somewhat condescending but it’s a reflection after the fact, hindsight you might say.

As my faith grew, I decided to talk with God, Source, or Higher Power, and asked Him in a letter, to guide me in meeting my future life partner. I used heart felt WORDS. Guess what?  I remarried and have been very happy going on 23 years. 

Give the Gift of Healing

This mp3 has 50 minutes plus of incredible healing words and music on the subjects below:

* Banish Doubt 

*Affirm Your Good Health

* Raise Your Energy Vibration

* Forgive Everyone

* Feel Good

* Avoid Low Energy Substances

* Be a Host to God

* Act As If

* Honor Your Body As a Temple

* Be Receptive

* Detach Yourself from Your  Stuff

* Grasp The Essence of Infinity

* Maintain an Attitude of Allowing

* Be Infinitely Patient

* Be Aware of Your Immortal Self

* Recognize How You View Others

As you can see I have put great Love to help the sick person shift towards a healing transition or a transition to the other side a pleasant one.

They win either way.

Words of this nature can sooth and help your loved ones, families or friends heal deep pains inside.

Affirmations will be heard and you might want to choose the affirmations where they will be silent words, as it is many time more comforting to those who are sick.

Choosing the silent affirmations for quieter rest time are both extremely efficient and this really becomes an individual preference for your loved one. Just know that the memory bank or the subconscious mind or the habitual mind of the person will still hear the affirmations whether they are paying attention to them or not, sleeping or not.

We have a very powerful mind and it’s built to perfection.

It is also for people who want to prevent dis-eases from entering their minds and thought process.

Prevention is key to staying healthy. 

I have researched and have studied for many decades now, in how a person can heal and can sometimes make the radical transition towards their own personal healing.

God intervention, people intervention, self – intervention is all part of the process. The correct medicine is part of it, whether natural or other, although, I prefer natural on a personal level.

It can also be,they will choose life after death transition instead and ether way, it will be a peaceful one.

It will also give you peace of mind when accompanying them maybe not sure how to help this loved one make this transition. I’ve made it much easier for you, all they have to do is listen.

The words and music in this mp3 are absolutely breath taking and calming.

Help Your Love One’s Make a Peaceful Transition Towards a Healing Intention or A Peaceful Transition towards The Other Side with Complete Peace in their Hearts and Soul.

Again, for a complete understanding of how you can start SELF-HEALING YOUR BODY while listening to this F.ree mp3, click on this link and buy yourself Amazing Health.


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