The Hard Evidence – How to Change Your HABITS?

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This is the most important article and attached video I could show you … How to Change Habits and Beliefs? I have long been searching why people are sick why people are poor, why people are in fear, why people are always procrastinating, why people can’t make money, why people lack self-esteem, self-confidence, why they [...]

This is the most important article and attached video I could show you …

How to Change Habits and Beliefs?

I have long been searching why people are sick why people are poor, why people are in fear, why people are always procrastinating, why people can’t make money, why people lack self-esteem, self-confidence, why they cannot stop smoking, remember names, connect with a higher power, become an incredible athlete, as you can see, the list in endless and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Let’s start with what many of us have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

Is it possible we are bombarded with tons of choices and this allows many of us to be lost and confused, I don’t know what to do, where to work, there’s no jobs out there, life’s not fair and on and on right.

Don’t kid yourself, I was lost in this land for a long time and still today need to be FOCUSED and razor sharp on … What do I want in life?

To change your life, you have to change your mind!

And age does not matter one bit.

Your brain cells have the power to build new pathways that will reinforce what you learn, including the kitchen sink, OK, OK, it’s not a cleaning class, Anyways you know what I meant, better health habits, better routines, an incredible belief system, you got to laugh once in a while … it’s good for the soul :)

This power is called neuroplasticity.

Self- programming is aimed at the subconscious or the (memory bank) of the mind. Studies show that the subconscious mind governs 90 to 96% of one’s conscious decision making. Self-programming is used to maintain, a positive – conscious – awareness attitude in the surface or conscious mind as we go through our daily business of living.

Reflection “Why pray – when you can worry

Did you really catch the meaning of this phrase?

It’s sort of the other way around right?

Why worry – when you can pray”

Pay attention or pay the price so to speak.

OK, let’s move on …

“Wisdom is avoiding ALL thoughts that weaken you” David Hawkins

What does “Your Beautiful Mind” Mp3’(s) do for me exactly?

Lets just say it’s software for the soul – changing the core of your hardrive (subconscious mind)

You see… whether you are aware of it or not…you are always attracting the events in your life, knowingly or unknowingly. Simply reading this information will elevate the way you think all day long.

Enjoy! “Thinking is Everything”

We attract, consciously or unconsciously

Unconscious beliefs and patterns were built up over many years of you growing up, now are entered in your unconscious mind.

The family you grew up with, the discipline you received, the books you read, their friends you had, teachers, movies, television and so much more.

Your past has now shaped you and defined who you are today.

Take some YOU time and reflect on your life, why you re-act the way you do, dare to be you.

Go back to your past a bit and see how you were raised.

You will soon realize why you have become the person you are today.

They are memories to put it in simpler terms, some good, some limiting you to grow and excel in life.

You can get rid of some of these unconscious patterns on your own by consciously not accepting them as realities anymore.

I use Mp3’s to sublimate (or re-program, painful memories).

So we seem to attract things in our lives unconsciously, not really meaning to, the good news you can definitely change this.

My story

At 22 years of age I found the answer to eliminating all my fears.

What I had not realized back then…what I really had in my hands nor should I say in my ears changing my unconscious beliefs and habits in my memory bank.

It was a key to untold clarity in removing obstacles from my past. I’m (5?) years of age now, as if I would tell you my age… lol … and these affirmations I had purchased back in 1992 had a profound effect on me.

Why did it take me so long to link…the subliminal cassettes I had bought, helped me so much?

Life goes on right, things to do, place’s to go, young at heart, not paying attention so much!

I was also raised in a loving family; even so … I had insecurities.

I also know I would rather CHOOSE to listen to something that will make me grow, than listen to music or programs with words which influence me in the wrong direction on an unconscious level.

Did you know, within 10 seconds of sitting down and listening to television programs or commercials you will automatically go into a relaxing state?

This is called a heightened state of suggestibility.

Meaning even TV sells sickness, poverty and 1000’s of other circumstances. Be careful of what you are listening to.

Now, I’d rather concentrate on how to better your skills than how bad TV can take you away from your goals and desires in life.

Yes, there are great TV programs also, inspiring and so on but you will have to choose well.

Eliminating the past was critical to my success … You already knew this right? Oops, sorry! :)

Are past events stopping you from moving ahead in life?


Boy, what an understatement this quote was for me.

My past history seems to have defined me and it did for decades.

Until I discovered it was my unconscious thinking and re-action to what happens to me that really defined me.

How many times have you heard people say, it’s in your family genes (genetics if you will) or passed on from generation to generation.

Wow horsey, be careful what you believe, why? You will achieve!

How would you like to be 40 years ahead of me?

Do you know why you have difficulties attracting money, health, good habits, energy, your ideal relationship, connecting to a higher source, the list is actually endless?

In metaphysics we teach the following.

Prosperity has never been about money

  • Prosperity is a state of mind
  • Prosperity is a state of soul
  • Prosperity is the treasure you hold in your heart

The mind must “feel wealth” about life in all areas of life, love, peace within, happiness, wisdom, health and so forth. Only then will the mind completely accept that life has a great deal more to offer.

Example: If you feel impoverish in your happiness in your love relationship … this will spill over into other areas of the mind where say, your financial situation is taking place.

Think about this for a minute…if this happens, you will not be effective at finding and being creative in helping yourself become financially prosperous.

You see, you will be so occupied with the mess you’re in, you won’t find time to seek out your personal goals.

The common misconception: you have a genie in a bottle; now make a wish and poof! You get what you’ve asked for.

Wishes do come quickly once you master your thoughts and you will improve significantly as the weeks and months go by.

But the poof! Theory only exists for those people who have an unshakable beliefs, faith and mindset.

There are true healers in this world, and if you want to understand how they heal, then, I challenge you to seek them out.

“Your Beautiful Mind”  Mp3(s) are of significant importance to eliminate these limiting beliefs you’ve carried all these years.

Here’s where I’m at today, be unrealistic in discovering who you are, huh! I knew you would question this.

When I first heard this theory, I sat back and reflected on it for a few minutes.

All great inventors normally go against reality and the impossible.

Why would they do this and take all the controversy and bad critics?

They are creating the new world of technology that you and I and use every day. (Cars, electronics, cures, new laws, products…)

If the light bulb was not invented where would we be?

Thomas Edison failed at this invention over 10,000 times. Oh my, would you have quit long before that?

So, being unrealistic is indeed an asset right?

The Wright brothers contemplated flying a plane across water.

Now, most people said it couldn’t be done.

Were they unrealistic to pursue the impossible?

Did you know this was about 100 years ago and have you registered in your mind the technology has surpassed this by leaps and bounds.

Now again, that has been developed because they defied what everyone else were saying.

I know some of you fly to holiday destinations and family trips every year or so.

Are you grateful for the unrealistic decision the Wright brothers made back then?

There are hundreds of examples of people defying the odds, especially today.

So be amazed, always, at nature, fruits growing, the sky, the sun – 1000 of degrees burning 24/7

Be unrealistic, 1 small steps at a time, works great!!!

So it becomes realistic!!!

Hopefully this session has sparked some enthusiasm in you and you are somewhat motivated to take on your long awaited projects.

Reflect on the above for a while and really grasp the content.

A great way to remove resistance in your mind and body is to concentrate on forgiving those who have hurt you and go to the deep core inside of you.

I know, I know, I haven’t lived what you’ve been through.

Then please question yourself on how long you want to give your power to the other person that has hurt you.

Because he or she has you tied in cuffs for as long as you give them this power.

And ask yourself, how long do you want to feel this pain?

Who controls all our (stinking thinking)?  :) :):)

“You are what you think about all day long” Tony Robbins

We all know that many doctors are not really pushing prevention of drugs and surgery as Dr Chopra mentioned in some of his articles.

Electrical impulses travel through your brain cells, carrying information that enables your every thought and action. Some of your most often-repeated actions are almost automatic, because the neurons involved have fired together so many times; they have formed something like a shortcut.

When you learn a new procedure or behavior, including a better health habit, different neurons will connect to carry that information and trigger a new response. Learn how brain activity can change as a result of our actions and our thinking habits.


How do you make sure you are convinced you can attain any goal?

It’s not about more and more information all the time as information is gathered on one part of the brain called your “conscious mind”.

And get this “APPLICATION”  of information happens on a sub-conscious level.

“APPLICATION”   actually controls about 96% of our perceptions and behavior.

So you could read articles all you want and still wonder why you might not have any results yet.

I hope this link works as this will definitely open your eyes and add the cherry on top of the sundae, also it’s the first number on the video, which should open for you when clicked on.

Watch carefully and you will capture an unreal reality of what YOU are capable of, with the right tools.

What about “Your Beautiful Mind”?

What are you waiting for?

I continually choose to listen to mp3′s on a daily basis (Mental Nutrition) I call it, good stuff for my memory bank. Application

Why? to much bad stuff out there, so I listen to empowering affirmations for protection.

Where to start – is up to each individual and your needs at this moment and time, but one thing is for sure, 

YOU must Start.

Roger N Quevillon, M.Msc



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