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Humans can now move robotic limbs using only their thoughts and, in some cases, even get sensory feedback from their robotic hands. Scott Pelley reports. Now you have to wonder where do you start when you would like to have a powerful, productive, creative, healing, ect… mindset, like that. I invite to watch this 13 [...]

Humans can now move robotic limbs using only their thoughts and, in some cases, even get sensory feedback from their robotic hands. Scott Pelley reports.

Now you have to wonder where do you start when you would like to have a powerful, productive, creative, healing, ect… mindset, like that.

I invite to watch this 13 minute video that the program 60 minutes has documented and then I want you to imagine what you can do for yourself.


OK! now that you’ve watched the video, you must change your habits of how you think and must absolutely find a way to increase the belief that you can accomplish great things, and start small, no need to go big yet unless you were motivated enough by the video.

Repetition is the mother of skills, right?

Repeat something often enough and you will get good at it. A baby learned how to walk by repeating and moving their legs often enough they got to walk on their own eventually.

So, to change a bad habit, change the memory of the habit.

If we go back to what you’ve accomplished so far in your life, it’s always been you who has thought about it first and then accomplished second whether negative or positive.

It can be an unconscious thought, really not meaning to attract an event in your life, but none the less, it’s you and nobody else who attracted the events, the girl, the book, the movie, the car, the money or lack of it for that matter.

Blaming comes out of our mouth doesn’t it? So it’s us again.

We always have a choice to do good or do bad.

If you really look at your life today and just take a little bit of time you will find that a ton of our patterns come out from our upbringing, no one to blame here, it’s patterns, behaviors, and old beliefs we mimicked our father, our mother, or whomever brought us up to believe a certain way.

Short analogy:

How many of you have chosen a relationship or partner in life that is very similar to your mom or your dad’s habits. If you take a few minutes to analyze this you’ll find you might be broke because of what your parents did or said when you were a child. Many of this is unconscious but it is a memory locked in your subconscious mind.

You might be wondering why you are always ticked off when your spouse or boyfriend says something that triggers an emotion, a (FEELING) that we talked about earlier which upset you big time and this pattern repeats itself for decades.

What’s up with that right?

They are buried memories that’s all, but will hurt you over an over again unless you change the memory.

Here’s one many will relate to, I know I did, your partner tells you what to do and you get ticked off at it. Here’s the one I lived as a child, my mom was always asking me to cut my hair and just because it wasn’t my decision well guess what, I never cut my hair until I made the decision to cut my hair.

Now what does this have to do with me being older and bringing this event in my relationship today, well that’s easy, my wife will ask me to buy her flowers and when I did not buy them quick enough after she asked, she asked me again and again and again, and you guessed it – I refused to by the flowers, not because I did not love her, but because it was not me making the decision, it had to come from me.

What old negative memories do in many other circumstances can be devastating and actually even cause divorces.

I’m not saying I can explain everything, but I can tell you we all have an incredible mind that we have yet to use.

This is why I keep searching the studies, the documentaries, the papers to understand our mindset works and why some have an easier time than others.

I’m sure by now you already know you can do great things but maybe lack confidence that you truly can.

I’m still a work in progress myself, I learn by sharing and writing what I’ve discovered, which in turn helps me understand more.

OK! lets get back to why I wrote this article.

Wow, moving limbs with your thoughts, did you get that really!

This actually means, you are the creator of your destiny, your present and future in any subject, things, health issues, money issues and so forth you might have.

If you think you can, you can – if you think you can’t – you are right either way.

So it lies within your thought process what is it you want in life and how much effort or determination you will have to attain it.

Commitment comes to mind, if you commit to doing something chances are excellent you’ll attain your goal and probably not without challenges. (that’s the icky part we hate right)?

But is part of it, whether we like or not.

The video above reports that your thoughts can move, attract, heal (whatever) if we can only grasp our full potential.

All I know is we cannot be blind to all the people around the planet that have healed from terminal illnesses, or went from rags to riches, or attracted a great relationship in their lives by simply thinking they actually could.

Why do we wait until a dramatic event happens in our lives before we attain a critical life or death making decision attracting our goal or health conditions.

We know that our FEELINGS  are what makes things happen and not simply the actions we take. It’s Universal Law.

It’s like we wait until we crash or burn before we learn.

I hope this makes sense to you and I also know it always sounds to simple to be true.

When I created Your Beautiful Mind mp3′s , it was the “Repetition is the mother of skills” analogy I was talking about earlier, listening to inspiring words often enough creates a belief, which becomes a habit, which becomes action an then reality.

We are creatures of habit – so why not create new and empowering habits.

So now you know, it’s not just about moving limbs with your thoughts?

It’s way more than that. The video should make you think outside the box and not just what you saw with your eyes, you need to go wherever you want to go with your thought process and that’s the real gift.

I’d like to get you started with the gift below for Android App.

Having Self-Confidence means having a feeling of certainty and being in a state of mind that creates success in everything you do.

Listening to this audio brings you in a state of receptiveness which allows you to create new empowering beliefs and habits.

* Other people’s opinions will not affect you again
* Finally making easier decisions
* You’ll step out of your comfort zone with ease
* You’ll enjoy being comfortable in social settings
* You’ll believe in yourself 100% and start achieving your goals
* You’ll find the exact words when meeting your soulmate
* Public speaking or work presentation will be a pleasure and more


Choose – Listen – Transform

Roger N Quevillon, M.Msc.

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