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Does your body really have self-healing  abilities? If you believe you can heal – then you can heal! If you believe you cannot heal, well you might be depriving yourself of your God given abilities to do so. Of course this is an opinion and what I’ve been studying, so you’ll have to make up [...]

Does your body really have self-healing  abilities?

If you believe you can heal – then you can heal!

If you believe you cannot heal, well you might be depriving yourself of your God given abilities to do so. Of course this is an opinion and what I’ve been studying, so you’ll have to make up your own mind.

Have you noticed that everyone that goes home from a minor or even serious accident or illness heal by themselves. Say you had a cut, a bruise, a broken bone, a paper cut, a burn, ect … it will heal in time.


The body receives assistance from external substances alright and all kinds of different procedures, but the body really heals itself.

You’ve heard me say before “The mind affects the body and the body affects the mind” right?

The body and mind are together for a reason, to engage the mind and enable your physical healing.

Make sense so far, great lets continue. Now, if you’ve not had a chance to read my article on D.D.D. here you’ll understand that most of us ask to be healed by prayer or faith.

Example: Dear God please help my Dad heal, thank you for healing my sister, ect…

Did you happen to catch the HUGE error?

Here’s what I mean below “THE DIFFERENCE MAKER”

When you know you are living in the NOW moment, you are on the right path to healing faster.

Meaning yesterdays gone, tomorrow had yet to come, are you with me so far, great.

So this leaves us in the NOW moment.

In the NOW moment – you then have to say I AM HEALED, THANK YOU FOR MY HEALING – I AM PERFECT HEALTH, ect…

No one is saying you cannot get outside help from traditional medicine, doctors or spiritual healers but what is being described here is you can heal by the Power of Your Mind. (Decisions – Determine – Destinies) like in the article above.

Medicine- less hospital – Your body’s self healing abilities!

Gregg Braden – explains in this 15 minute video – how a tumor was shrunk with the power of the mind, and then you will actually see with your eyes the tumor disappear on the computer screen. Gregg Braden presents a video showing cancer being cured in less than 3 minutes using the language of emotion. Using the technology of emotion that’s inside all of us and mirror that expection to the field that’s all around us. You must feel the feeling as if it has already happened. You be the judge. Copy and paste this info on Youtube (Gregg Braden on Curing Cancer using your own Technology or Emotions) Gregg wrote the book “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief”, excellent book. By the way, I buy many of my book in audios format as I am auditory more than visual. I can listen to them anywhere and use my time efficiently.

We were created to heal ourselves, it seems that so much stuff is going around us these days, it’s hard to believe anything anymore, but I encourage you to pay attention.

Why? We’ve already seen in our area a drug shortage for patience in desperate need of medication and nurses were diluting the dosages for patience so not to run out. I would hate to see a crisis in the medication world shortage.

Meditation is a great medicine instead.

Since I’ve started Your Beautiful, I’m always more and more passionate about where its heading as I hope some of these writings will encourage you to search out more info to understand how you gain empowerment to heal yourself.

We know, we are easily influenced by what we read,  or see today, whether being TV, media, ect … but you also know by now that our negative mental thinking habits and our emotional feelings create our wellness.

They can also create (Disease or Dis-ease).

Our poor lifestyle choices, environmental toxins and prolonged physical, emotional and mental stresses put strain on your body also and of course affect our health.

Do you know how one factor in Creative Energy is accomplished?

It has to do with the amount of time you have considered your desire…and to what kind of degree you’ve become specific of your goal … repeated affirmations help you attain that goal way quicker – as when you’ve been thinking on something for quite a while – it will manifest quicker – than if you were to think about something today.

So creating great listening habits and beliefs is a major key towards self – healing!

Sadly today – we are dependent on our healthcare system to help us heal our bodies.

I believe that symptoms are the unpleasant effects of the dis-eases or illnesses are important messages that your body is telling you what you are thinking about on a daily basis is not to good for you.

It’s telling you – Please stop doing this – you’re doing something bad to me.

I know – You know, you can heal – but you’ve been too busy right?

What I’ve seen, studied, read, and heard from people that have healed themselves is fascinating to say the least. I’ve added  an interview with Isabelle that healed herself of 4th stage cancer and was sent home by doctors – sorry there is nothing else we can do.

Listen to it here 21 minutes.

Now truth be known, there is always something you can do, even doctors know this. I’m always a little stunned when I hear stories like that – because millions of people are healing outside of the traditional medicine.

Limiting beliefs plays a major part of us not healing our bodies; there’s no debate on this issue, the real question is how do you get rid of limiting beliefs in the firsts place?

Re-program your mind with good powerful affirmations. The K.I.S.S principle, no insults intended.

Keep it simple, well written affirmations work and they are easy to write.

What if you agreed that your mind and body is a perfect whole unit capable of self-healing and it will do so, given the chance by shear belief?

We know doctors have their place and they are trained in a different manor, but evolution has taught us different now, and we are well aware that Universal Laws are in place and it only takes you to activate it.

Did you know that the newest study in the USA mentioned that 87% of people go to doctors for stress related issues?

Traditional Doctors are opening up to self-healing more and more. I like!

Believing that your body is repairing itself!

Self-healing is all about supporting your body and allowing the healing to happen.

Now Doubt is the destroyer of any healing, casting aside doubt and fear is done by listening to positive programs, listening to empowering music with the right affirmations, watching inspiring programs, reading self-healing books and so forth.

Which Instantly Affect The Body – Your Body’s Self-Healing Abilities

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Roger N Quevillon, M.Msc. 2012



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